Our Show

Stories on a String is a Brazil inspired theatre show for ages 6+ with puppetry and live music, brought to you by Dotted Line Theatre and Polyglot Arts. The show will be touring the UK in 2018. Click here to see our trailer.

For tickets to our show at the Little Angel Theatre 31st May – 3rd June, click here

On a quest for her grandma, savvy city girl Jacina must leave her Facebook-fueled life to venture deep into the Amazon jungle. There, she will discover her family’s roots as she encounters mythical beasts and cheeky spirits. But there’s no WiFi in the rain forest, so when her phone stops working, Jacina feels lost and scared! She must rely on her eyes, her ears and her heart, as the creatures of the jungle reveal to her a new path and a way back home.

Stories on a String is a colourful adventure inspired by Literatura de Cordel, a style of poetry from Brazil recited with music and then famously sold as an illustrated booklet on a string. Using wood, string, puppetry and live music, the show will explore questions facing families today, such as the impact of our lifestyles on the environment and Tradition vs. Modernity. Just like Jacina, audiences will discover that not every answer can be found in the technology in the palm of our hand!

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